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Incremental Encodes with shaft or hollow shaft Liner measuring system

Magnetic measuring system, Draw wire system,
Measuring kits Slip rinds

Slip rings SR060 and SR085 Accessories

Isolating inserts, Measuring wheels, Couplings,
Bearing, Spring encoder arm, mounting brackets etc. Absolute Encoders

Absolute single and multi turn encoders Inclinometer

Inclinometer IS 40 Connection technology

Cable and connectors Counting Technology Impulse counters
Electromechanical and electronic counters. Timer
Electromechanical and electronic timer.
With or without limits. Multifunction devices
Multifunction displays and Display counters 
with dual functions. Preset counters
Easy control of count, time and rate. Preset hour meters
Electromechanical and electronic 
preset hour meters. Position displays
Programmable for many applications. Energy-Time Counter
Energy and hour meter. Accessories
Enclosures, Transparent covers, Bezel adapters, 
Slip-on bezels and Connection boxes. Process Technology Process Devices
CODIX 529, 530, 550 and 552. Process Controllers
CODIX 553, 555 and 573.
Accessories for process technology. Temperature Displays
CODIX 531, 532, 551 and 554. Setpoint generator
CODIX 533. Transmission Technology Slip Rings
Slip Rings SR060 and SR085. Optical fibre module
Optical fibre module for secure data transmission. Connection technology
Cable and connectors.
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